Chris Raike



I was born and raised in Jersey, in both Ocean and Monmouth Counties. I graduated from Rutgers with my B.S. in Medical Technology and then from Liberty University with a M.S. in Accounting. The Lord has clearly led me in a different career direction, in becoming a staff pastor in 2021. I have been blessed to be married to my wonderful wife since 1996. We have 3 children, our son married in 2020, and two daughters approaching their college years. My wife and I made decisions to follow Christ in our 20’s and later began attending Grace in 2007.  I have taught in many of our ministries, including Children’s ministries, adult Sunday School, and have also led Small Groups since 2014.  My hobbies include softball, kayaking, riding a motorcycle, and hiking. I currently serve as the Staff Pastor/elder overseeing congregational care, counseling, small groups, and other ministries.