Paul Beaulieu



Being raised a Catholic I walked away from the church in my early 20's. As I got older I spent a number of years of looking for a deeper meaning to who and what I am in the world. God touched my life when a painter, working in my home, gave me the gospel message of salvation thru Jesus Christ, and I have never looked back. I gave my life to Christ in 2012 and was baptized in 2013 at Grace Bible Church. After becoming involved in a number of ministries, and going on a couple of overseas short term missions, the Lord opened a door for me to become a deacon here at Grace Bible. The Lord continues to reveal himself to me in new ways, and has been so good to me and my family. As a deacon and member of the body of Christ's church I serve in a few ways. Currently I lead the GraceConnect ministry, where we strive to welcome new visitors and members of Grace and get them connected to the church via the many ministries available. I am also involved in the landscaping and maintenence ministry, along with fulfilling the responsibilities of a deacon.